Children Say the Darnedest Things 2

There are no words because even Picard has no idea what to say!

Children Say the Darnedest Things 2

8th grade band student: “Do I have to play in the band concert?”

No, I want you to knit me an afghan as your final project in band this semester. No really.

8th grade student taking about this photograph:


8th grade: “Ms. Wilson (maiden name), why do you have that picture on your desk?”

“It’s my son.”

“No it’s not, that’s the picture that comes with the frame.”

“Seriously, it’s my son.” *shows picture from photo shoot.*

“It can’t be, it’s in black and white.” *after seeing other shots from shoot*

*explains how you can change a photo from color to b&w*

“That’s dumb, people are in color.”

And the crowing comment of the week:

*I load into CD player Egyptian Drumming CD after explaining its an Egyptian drum ensemble*

Kids perk up, it sounds cool.

“Mrs.G that’s Egyptian music?”


“Huh I thought it sounded like African music.”

“….. *realizes student is serious* who’s teaching geography this year?”

“Geo- what? What’s that?”

*soul leaves body*


Then again, 5th Grader:

“Why do we have to learn this song in Chinese?”

“It’s a traditional Chinese song. It’s important to learn about other cultures.”

“The only culture I need to learn about is America. I sing in American so the song should be in American.”


This is why I asked for a world map in my classroom. I do need it. Really, really badly.

(The point of this post is not to say, “my kids are idiots.” My students are not idiots. The point is to highlight the crazy things that they say when they aren’t thinking about it. I explained, clarified, and tried to fix all situations mentioned. Except the American one, I can’t convince them that other countries matter, yet.)



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