Working Hard

Today we spent the day being excellent people. I read multiple places it’s very hard to keep anything clean once the baby is born.

This is very very hard. My friends will tell you, I’m kind of a mess. I’ve never been super clean but like most things, I “mean well.”

I grew up in a hoarding situation. There was junk everywhere, layers of clothing in the floor, trash everywhere. I had fleas once, honest to God fleas crawling on my 1st grade body; I remember feeling them crawling in my hair and catching them during class.

My mother never let anyone come over or visit. She was ashamed of our house.

No one actually taught us how to clean, or to put things in a specific place. My dad cleaned sometimes, but with his 2 jobs it was hard for him to summon the energy.

So I grew up surrounded and packed away, and when I went to college I was freed from that. Unfortunately, my messiness didn’t suddenly change to neatness because I left home. My messiness just kind of spread out and luckily, my roommates were either just as messy or extremely tolerant (or they just talked junk behind my back, I can’t really say). I learned more of how to keep my areas clean through various roommates and living situations.

Without outside expectations (friends visiting or family) to guide my cleaning, things can get a little rough. This is especially true if I am busy. If I am in and out, only to sleep at night, I can ignore the mess of my home. Once I stop- slow down- for the weekend or whatever, it’s like I am a kid again. Not in a good way either.

The shame of my messiness overwhelms me. Somedays I can shove it down and get to work and make my home fantastically clean (though if I have visitors I always feel like they are judging the level of clean). Somedays I am afraid CPS will find out I left a mountain of dishes in the sink and threaten to take CDubs.

I know it’s not as bad as all that but, I learned to be this way from my parents. This includes the paranoia.

Ryan and I have been buried under work, duties, and overall overwhelming feelings, along with a string of sicknesses, and everything just being new right now.

The mess was everywhere, clothes, take out boxes (with the food devoured), bags of trash waiting to go out, dirty laundry waiting to wash….. The thought of trying to tackling anything was overwhelming.

As I said, I read it’s hard to keep things clean and tend the baby during the first year or two. I also read in those same articles that if you clean 15 minutes a day, it will dramatically change things in your life.

So while one person watched CDubs, the other person was to clean. The 15 minutes went a little further to maybe 30 today but we now have almost perfectly cleaned living room and baby room with clean baby linen. (Usually we wash sheets on Sunday or Monday nights, so now we’re ahead!)

We feel good about the work we completed. Sure I have the rest to do another day but we did a good job on what we did today.

Even If you do not have a baby at home, but you are super busy, try the 15 minute idea and see if it helps!



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