Sunday Earworm: Have You Asked Any Good Questions Today?

Today at church I heard a pretty good sermon. Now, I like the sermon’s at my church because they are around 30 minutes and they actually have a point. This was the passage we read today:IMG_1818.JPG

The excellent Earworm from today’s Sermon is this: Did you ask a good question today?

What an interesting thought, sure you and I ask questions all the time. Sometimes we ask questions to gain knowledge, sometimes to be sarcastic and mean. How often do we ask good, honest questions? Real questions that actually have an effect on us and changes what we know with the answers?

I know when I was small I liked to ask questions all the time. Sometimes my questions made people uncomfortable, or made people get angry at me for asking them. Most of the time I was heavily discouraged from questioning anything.

I wonder what kind of person I would be today if people encouraged me to ask questions? If, like in the story we heard, my mother asked me “Did you ask good questions today?”

It’s something I think I’ll be asking CDubs in the future.

Such learned children we would have if we taught them all what constitutes as a good question and then encouraged them to ask them. What type of thinkers would we have?

Did you ask any good questions today, bloggers?


  1. raphaela99

    I like to ask people what their dreams are. They respond in one of two ways. Either their eyes light up and I am told their marvellous goals for the future, or they look off into the distance, remarking that nobody has asked them that before. They have a think about their long-forgotten dreams and come back with a plan! xxx


    1. afternoonofsundries

      That is a good question, especially because dreams change or evolve and you can tell where someone is in their life by what their dreams are like. Like i wanted to be a ballerina truck driver when I was 8, where as now, it consists of finical soundness!


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