It May Seem Lackluster to You


Today I checked my phone, out of habit, around 30 times in the first 3 hours of waking this morning.

“Oh yes,” I’d think, “I deleted Facebook.”

Then I would put down my phone, feeling almost as if I was forgetting something, but I wasn’t. Then my son smiled at me and I realized that I haven really spent non- breastfeeding, non- rocking to sleep time with him in weeks.

Yet I obsessively checked my phone. Not that the phone was the cause of anything, more like a… Catalyst. (He’s sleeping in my lap now, after a fussy meal.)

What is everyone doing? How is my best friend? Who ate what, where? What articles are trending? Who hates who this week? Who’s more successful than me?

I don’t know. I do not know who did what today. I have no idea.

And I feel Shiny (captain… Lol). Perfectly lovely.

I slept in, I took adorable photos of Connor (after I realized I was checking too much.), and purchased groceries and saved $55 bucks in doing so.

We came home and I cleaned out the car, wiped out the inside with protectorate, took out some trash, cleaned out the fridge, did some dishes and I am about to make turkey meatloaf and mash potatoes.

When CDubs wakes up… That is.

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