Beach Retreat


Friday after school teachers and the principal from my school drive down to the beach in South Carolina. The purpose of this trip is to take teachers and align them to the new goals of the year.

It’s not a vacation, though our immediate family may join us, and we spend at least 7 hours enclosed in sessions.

The big theme last year was interactive notebooks and being more honest and open about what our school was and was not doing.

This year we talked about having rigorous lessons. Everything done with a purpose, everything is not only meaningful but forces everyone to be involved in a deeper level.

It’s kind of hard to do. You have to make the students think, truly think. To have them not just show you the understand but encourage them to seek more answers. You have to keep them from being bored but at the same time teach all the content in mind. Lastly you must teach with the end result in mind.

Not only that but they must be engaged the entire time. If they are not, you aren’t being effective. That’s a low blow because, I’d like to think I am effective but I cannot say my students are always engaged. I try but they do at times, get bored. It’s something that worries me but u am not always sure what to do.

I had thought perhaps there was a way I could change how band has been taught. Band is pretty much the same course throughout the USA, I can say that with confidence. It’s been that way for forever.

So trying to update it, to not add technology for technology sake, to not give assignments to just take up time (I don’t do that) or give enough assignments to be reveling but not boring…. It’s going to take some work.

Though from the sounds of things, no one may notice any change. I’ll have to give it some thought. I don’t think I am doing anything wrong but, I feel like I could do more. We’ll see!

Family Time

I was able to spend 5 hours with CDubs and Ryan and we went to the Tanger Outlets. CDubs made out like a bandit. 3 pairs of Osh Kosh Jeans for $10 each (9 and 12 month sizes), Halloween onesie, Christmas Husky Puppy 3 piece Christmas/ winter set, 2 California style things, a full body suit and adorable pants, and animal socks. He’s got the basics for the fall now. I feel much better about things turning chilly. Also I am happy with the cost which was very much under $100.

So, I learned new things, I purchased things we needed, and we had a nice time sleeping in a nice hotel.

All in all, not bad.

Oh and I might be allergic to peanuts 😦 it’s horrible.

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