Traveling Through Space and Time

So I had a planning period today, which if you recall, only happens twice a week. Usually the sky is falling during that time so, I usually only utilize only 30 minutes of the 90 minutes I am allowed (remember general education teachers get 90 minutes a day for planning, we teach 360 minutes, they teach 315 minutes. Even cashiers at Kohl’s get 1 hour to eat every 8 hours scheduled plus two 15 minute breaks. Hmmm 90 minutes. Please don’t tell me my subject is fun therefore I don’t need a break. Go look at Common Core and tell me how fun that is after you read it all. They don’t even schedule us time to use the restrooms! I at least deserve that!).

Anyway… Sorry, people are still hinting we (music, PE, Art, Computers) don’t deserve time to do things. Or flat out saying it.

Le sigh.

Anywho, Thursday last week, two students offered to help me work on my bulletin board. We lined up my map that the students who play recorder progress upon, picked out the precut letters, and decorated with bees and such:

But, as I printed out the story of The Recorder Apprentice today I had a thought. They happen sometimes. Scary! As I am printing I think of how I’ve taught this. I always say, “okay, we’re going back in time to the Renaissance Period.”

But what if we time traveled?


And this, the Tardis board was born! I even found a use for those weird star flash cards of basic theory terms:

We’ve got a Tardis


Catch phrases

And tiny men who will journey towards excellence. Companions if you will.

It could be fun. It could breed a new race of recorder playing Doctor Who geeks. Who knows. Gotta keep things interesting!


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