Children Say… The Darnedest Things


So, Friday I am teaching my most… Exuberant 5th grade class about patriotism, reviewing The Star Spangled Banner and trying to convince them the lyrics are important. Most of my kids have no clue what the lyrics to our national anthem are. They know how the first 2 lines are hummed, and that’s it.

So I am trying to give them thoughts towards loving our country because if you love the USA then you’d try to learn the National Anthem… In theory.

So we copy down our notes:

And I start checking student notebooks.

To the answer “why do you love America?” I received this answer, “because in America, I don’t have to work.”


And the second comment happened today, during these notes:


I suppose the student in question had some sort of accent but, one of her fellow peers informed her that she sounded like one of the women in the movie The Help. I really don’t care if both students were African American, that was just a comment too far.

These kids. I tell you. They say the craziest things.

Lastly, I give you the most creative slaughtering of my last name, “Gillespie:”


Ah youth.

6 thoughts on “Children Say… The Darnedest Things

  1. LOL sometimes you just have to laugh. I teach the bigger ones (7th through 12th grade) so more often than not I’m just telling them it’s inappropriate to swear in school….but my 5-year old comes up with some doozies 🙂 Visiting over from Suzie’s blog party 🙂

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