Overwhelming Week


I’ve been completely overwhelmed this week, running around solving various accidents with money that should not have happened. I’ve been printing out purchase orders like they are going out of style and I witnessed Student B’s first meltdown in my room (Student B is a student with Autism).

I’ve been very busy.

But we were able to take a mini trip yesterday, to see our good band director friend, Danielle. She cooked for us, and another guest a DELICIOUS Chicken Marsala with scalloped potatoes and green bean casserole. I had 3 plates, I am not ashamed. It was the first solid meal I have been able to have all week.

We stayed talking, venting, and cuddling CDubs until 9, in fact, we stayed long enough to have a equally delicious kale, sausage, and potato cream soup.

She fed us up for the week, I tell you!!

And the venting, I needed it. Thank God for friends! I will do my best to pop on here and post more next week. I have a lot to update you all on and I have some general information to share!



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