Cloth Diapering Series: Rain has the Ph of 5.2

IMG_1390.JPG (image heads

No seriously it does. What does rain and its Ph have to do with cloth diapers?

Well my dears, it’s all about the Stink.

IMG_1391.JPG(image Warner Brothers)

Yes I know, diapers stink and cloth diapers are no exception. When you wash a diaper over and over, every day or every other day, stuff builds up. What builds up on a diaper is soap residue. Soap piles on top of soap and starts to cause urine and poop to resist the fabric causing major leakage and major smell
age. Nothing like washing the mess out of your diapers and then opening the lid of your washer and being hit with that odor!

My first suggestion is to clean the washer drum, and my second is to strip!

The diaper… Not… Yes…

The diaper has too many chemicals on its absorbent surface. You need to get rid of that base, the soap, with some acid.

It’s time for a little chemistry.


So let me offer you 3 ways to strip your diapers with some mild Ph helpers. I give you method 1:

Yes rain, it has a mild Ph. It can strip all of the gunk off your diapers cheaply, with a good eye on the environment, and it’s relatively simple.

Lay out on a drying rack (metal coated in plastic preferably), or clothing line your just washed diapers and inserts, absorbent fleece side up. Allow diapers to sit in the torrential downpour for as many hours as possible. Take indoors and dry or leave out to dry naturally. The acid in our rain grabs the soap residue and tears it off the fleece.

Method 2:

Washing Machine Rinse

Take your diapers and inserts and wash as usual. Once finished, wash the diapers 3 to 4 times in crazy hot water without soap. Wash them until no bubbles can be seen in the water (the residue can cause bubbling after the fact). Once washed many times on hot and rinsed on warm or hot, dry.

Method 3:


Pour into the washer 1/2cups to 1 cup of vinegar. Vinegar is added after the preliminary wash, only in one wash/ rinse without soap cycle. Meaning, one of three washes uses vinegar. The vinegar is a killer of smells and a natural fabric softener. Rinse diapers until the vinegar smell is gone. The acidity of the vinegar again, cuts through the residue and freshens too.

So that’s it! Chemistry is awesome and so are fresh smelling diapers.

I hope I’ve helped you with your need to freshen your cloth diapers!


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