One Leap Photography: Picture Perfect


It was a casual sort of day in July when an old friend from high school messaged me on Facebook. She had messaged me at the perfect time, CDubs was being peaceful and I was feeling antsy. She had seen my son on Facebook, and I think probably heard I was toying with the idea of getting pictures done of CDubs. She possibly noticed I had no luck finding someone I was comfortable with taking photos at a reasonable price.

Whatever it was, she told me she was in the photography business and that she lived nearby. If I was interested, she would happily travel to nowheresville and do a shoot.

I checked out some pictures she had posted on Facebook and saw that the shots were beautiful. The editing was tasteful and enhanced without covering up the beauty of the subjects. Nothing was overdone or looked like it was “trying too hard.” Every shot had an ease about it. I was hooked.

After consulting with my husband, I eagerly got back with Mrs. Bartholomew Staples and started to talk about the particulars. I am as everyone knows, a first time mom. I had no idea about what a baby photo shoot would entail. She advised that we wait until CDubs was 6 months old before we took shots. While we all know babies develop differently, he had more of a chance of sitting up by then, better neck control, and so on.

So we scheduled, and in the back of my mind I thought,”Yes! Professional photos!” The whirlwind that is my life took over and I almost let the date get away from me. Luckily, One Leap Photography is manned excellently, and they gave me a friendly reminder and asked if this weekend was still a good time.

We decided to meet at the local J. Blue House, a historical property. It’s a restored house from more than a hundred years ago that has public open grounds. There are restored log cabins, fields, an outdoor stage, and even little rail road tracks.

We met, at the designated spot and I met the main photographer for today, Mrs. Bartholomew Staples and her assistant, Mrs. Adams. Mr. Staples was also in attendance and very helpful with photography things that honestly, I cannot name for you. Suffice to say, they had the cameras, and they had the do dads that make the pictures shine (or not, it depended on what they needed).

Both Mrs. Bartholomew Staples and Mrs. Adams took pictures, giving us helpful suggestions on where to take pictures and listening to us about what we wanted to do in the pictures.

Both photographers knew how to get a baby’s attention properly and how not to push the child once it was obvious my child was done.

For an hours time, I feel they took plenty of varying shots, with us as a family and of just CDubs.

I am really just very thankful for the whole experience and for them coming all the way out here. Truly, a wonderful experience!

So I would totally use One Leap Photography again.

I can’t wait to see the photos!!

Their website:

Consider using them the next time you have family pictures (If you can)!

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