Sick, Sick, Sick


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I have a really terrible immune system. I suppose because I have an autoimmune disease that is Hell bent on using my own immune system to render me blind,.whats a girl to do when she’s sick? My immune system is like, “she has a cold! It must be centered in her retinas! It’s always the retinas, attack!” All the while I am wondering why every time I get a cold, it always progresses towards pneumonia. I mean eventually, my body goes “… Wait… The battle is actually over here!” After I am taking huge antibiotic zpacs to show them the way.

I was actually more healthy, throwing up every day, losing weight etc. during my pregnancy. Little man kept me healthy, actually.

While I’d never wish myself back 7 or 8 months because he’s so cute and cuddly, I do miss the invincible anti cold powers I had.

Geeze it’s freezing. I’m going to bundle up and try to convince Fiona to smuggle with me. Probably won’t happen, but I can try!



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