They Were Robbed!

Today, I felt, was a very good day. Students did their work, wrote out their assignments, and reviewed their notes.

I even had a planning period and I was able to get a purchase order done, 3 Holiday songs, a Kwanzaa piece, a Secular Piece, and short carols. The kids were excited to know we were getting a Frozen Medley and they would hum “do you want to build a snowman?” As I walked past them in the hall.

Then I went into my office, a place I leave open. A place we store equipment. A place where I have never worried about things walking away. Sure once out of my office theses things are fair game and if I’m absent from school, stuff could walk away and did once. But these kids, I’ve known for 4 years.

They are thieves. Stole $25 dollars of their fellow band mates cash. Money these kids turned in for new method books.

It’s my fault.

But at the same time, with all of the values they hold so dear, the should have done better.

Such a shame. I have to change.



  1. pacomontoya

    Shame that we usually blame ourselves for letting our guard down when in reality we shouldn’t have to. I can’t stand thieves. Cowards. And no respect for other people’s hard work. Sorry that happened to you and your class.


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