Chicken ‘N Rice

I’m from the South in The United States of America and their are certain dishes that you know how to make. It’s in your blood and many of these meals hardens your arteries but they are delicious- and cheap.

I feel like sharing my Chicken N Rice recipe with y’all, if I may?

You’ll Need:

Chicken breasts or thighs (1 per person)
White long grain Rice (2 cups)
Salt (to taste)
Pepper (to taste)
Butter (like 3 sticks possibly)
Chicken broth (15 OZ)
Flour (2 to 4 tbsp)
Milk (1/4 a cup)
Sage (pinch)
Parsley (pinch)
Water (as per rice cooker or rice packet instructions)

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Take your raw chicken and salt and pepper it on both sides and place it in a pan. Put a bit of butter on each piece and pour in a bit of chicken broth to help with keeping it moist. Set a time for 45 to 50 minutes and bake. Cook until golden. Make sure you save all of the drippings or cooked out juices from the baked chicken!


Save the juice and the cooked on bits, it’s very tasty! (And makes the gravy taste yummy!) IMG_1143.JPG(the pan was my father’s and it’s perfect for broiling I tell you. They don’t make them like this anymore)

Alright, I used to be a good girl and cook my rice on the stovetop.However, rice cookers are amazing! So measure out two cups of rice and pop it into the cooker. Or if you prefer start the rice and follow the directions on the rice pack. I like to add butter to the rice cooker too, to help with sticking and flavor, maybe 1 tbsp per cup of rice.
IMG_1142.JPG(I made 8 cups so we could eat this meal throughout the week)

Take your cooker chicken and rip or slice into prices:


Take your cooked rice and layer cooked chicken and rice in a large container. Add more salt and pepper if needed. Mix it up! Sort until it seems to be evenly mixed, chicken and rice. Set aside to cool a bit.

The gravy is a little more complicated. Well compared to the rest. Melt 1/2 to 1 stick of butter on medium (do you like a lot if gravy or a little?) in a pot. Once melted, whisk in 2 to 4 tablespoons of flour, depending on what amount of butter you used. The flower should turn yellow then turn a little golden brown. Add remaining stock by whisking it in. Add milk likewise and salt, pepper, herb to taste. Add chicken drippings. Whisk together. Do not let the gravy sit very long or the flour and liquids will separate.

IMG_1140.JPG melted butter

IMG_1144.JPG flour

IMG_1145.JPGeverything else

Once thickened to the consistency you prefer, and hot, you can either pour the gravy directly into the chicken and rice mixture or, serve it on the side for those who like a lot of gravy.

It’s simple and yummy:

If you like veggies, leeks would taste very good in this dish!

Enjoy your taste if the South!


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