FFF: Organizing Closets

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any positive goals on here and done my FFF post!

Future Fabulous Friday is a weekly post highlighting a goal we or I hope to accomplish in the upcoming week.

I am going to do the always scary, but oh so needed, closet clean out! In our apartment, the master bedroom has two closets. While excellent, they tend to get packed. My parents constantly find college clothes to bring me (because I am totally still a size 16). I move some boxes around and the excess ends up in my closet. Ryan has a million tee shirts. He could outfit 3 football teams, both 1st and 2nd strings.

So when we received notice about a termite inspection, on Julie’s birthday oddly enough, I thought, “why not? It needs to be done any way.”

My goal is to rid myself of anything below a size 20/ 22 in my closet, anything I haven’t worn in the past 3 years, and anything beyond hope (out of style, missing pieces, ripped up).

I want to be done by the 10th.

Then I want to donate whatever we decide we don’t need! So that’s my plan to make laundry day easier and my Future Fabulous Friday goal!

If you need support to get out of a rut, or to become fabulous, I’m here for you!



  1. pacomontoya

    Always a great idea to keep the closet clean in there. Also I have Ryan’s problem. Every time I clean out my closet I kid you not, I have a trash bag full of clothes, mostly t-shirts that I always donate and somehow my closet doesn’t look any less full.


  2. afternoonofsundries

    See Ryan has issue getting rid of tee shirts. He has sentimental value on everyone almost! So it can be a trial when he has 45 tees he never wears and then gets 5 more for Christmas from others and then the collection grows! It’s never ending!


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