A What? You Scheduled What?!


I must share my righteous indignation with you all.

As you know, I’ve been out of school for two days. Two. Two days. It’s the beginning of the year and this happened Tuesday afternoon:


My first thought was, I tried to get a chorus started 3 years ago. I’d never knew teaching General Music was an actual course taught after the 5th grade. I mean music appreciation in high school sure but, general music?

I think though that I adapted well to teaching General Music; and my students told me, when asked, that they didn’t want to sing. In public. Ever. They’d rather do that “pig blood thing in front of the whole school than sing.”
(Image from Carrie the movie)

Hmm interesting choice.

Besides, playing guitars sounded so much cooler.

Then no one would change the course title to Chorus either. Which means, if a state school official came to view my class based on the General Music course description, and found out I only taught chorus, I’d be in trouble. Course titles matter.

So I gave up on chorus and title changing and learned to teach music. While difficult to get middle schoolers to care about the Baroque Period, it was doable and within my course parameters.

My mind changed gears. There was more to be confused over.

My next thought was Drama? I can’t act at all. I wish. I’ve always wanted to sing in a musical. To have a part on stage. I just don’t have the ability or training.

Third, You want a time extensive event planned out (a musical). With parts and casting. We’d have to purchase the rights to a show, in specific keys, unless you want me to write one.

Oh my Lord, he doesn’t want me to write a show, does he? That’s insanity!

I have a 5 month old at home! What?! Write a show? With not a jot of acting, or playwriting experience? It’s harder than you think to write a play!

My feverish mind spiraled further into madness.

Wait, “academic advisor,” That means I supervise other people teaching chorus who aren’t certified teachers.

Hell no. Another teacher at the school, sure, with us working together? Excellent. As long as it’s truly collaborative. A random member of the community, in my classroom, using musical equipment? What if I said no? Would you just let them into my classroom without my consent, letting them use any old instrument?

I am responsible for that equipment! The school does not own the equipment, the county’s music department does. If it’s damaged, we won’t get money to replace it for years! If they know I’m careless (even if it’s someone else’s fault, I’d ultimately be blamed) then they might reduce our funding!

Then, I realized I was taking things way to far. I needed to breathe:

I forgot myself, I was still under the weather, feeling sick. My principal is a very honest, individual who has always been honest and willing to listen to my concerns. That doesn’t mean he will automatically fold to what I feel I should do, but he will listen and address my concerns. Also, he defers to my knowledge of music department rules because I am the one in direct contact with the county arts education director.

So I told him, briefly we needed to talk about this chorus idea together soon because, I had some misconceptions and took offense to the way he presented his wishes.

He apologized and clarified that I was in charge of this and he wanted to be in the chorus as well and had a “vision” dealing with chorus that he would share, later.

Then he told me he booked a performance in front of the school board in June. For the chorus, not the 50+ middle school band I have been cultivating for 3+ years.

No, for the ensemble yet to be formed.

I need a double Taylor moment:




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