Freedom of Choice


Ever write something and realize you went the totally wrong direction? Well I did! Let’s try this again!

Often, we make choices and we think we can determine what the consequence will be.

I didn’t do this so now I can’t do that.

There is though another thought circling. I can choose to not to be effected by the consequence.

I elect to make any choice I want and I choose not to cause something to happen in turn!

Except that’s not possible.

Missing the bus for work means you’re late. You can’t pop into work and say: “Hey boss, I choose to not be held accountable for being late. Glad you understand.”

Understand your butt is fired.

You can choose not do and that does have a consequence. Not doing work during class means, failing the class. You can’t escape the consequence of escaping your choice.

The absence of choosing has consequence!

I won’t lie. I choose to lounge on my couch (the medicine couch, thusly dubbed because it makes you pass into comfortable dreams the second you sit in it’s plush cushions.) and while I’d love to chose that my dishes will still be washed or even better, that they magically will not stink later, just won’t happen. I can’t choose for the dishes to disappear.

Every action has an equal opposite reaction. Giant plate of delicious tacos equals giant messy plate of crumbs from delicious tacos.

Sorry, I choose the tacos, not the mess.

Yeah right. When you figure out how to do that call me. Seriously. I hate doing the dishes.

(The best part is, when you make a choice and unforeseen things happen and you’re like “I couldn’t plan for that!” And yet…. There it is. Amazing how the works works. Just think if horrible people could choose to not go to jail? Oh man…)


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