Still Sick


If this were true, I’d be on the midst of a tissue paper mosh pit.

Ugh I’m gross, my husband is gross and CDubs, is super duper gross (with the snot, he in himself somehow makes being sick adorable).

He has this cough where he can’t catch his breath. Everyone is saying he has a normal cold, he eats, poops, and plays so he’s fine.

But when I lay him down it’s like he can’t breathe. I want to take him to the doctor but, we need our sick day this month for the physical therapist. We used up all of our days on our maternity/ paternity leave.

I’ve decided, if he’s worse tomorrow, he’s going in. If not, he’s going in after school on Wednesday.

I just picture him coughing and gasping and turning blue.

Being in charge of another person’s life is nerve racking.



  1. pacomontoya

    It can be a bit scary and nerve racking. I hated hearing my little guy cough so much at night. Sometimes we would take turns sleeping with him in an upright position just so his airways could be clear and drainage not collect. Not that we really got any sleep when we did that but he did and resting is key. Also Vicks Vapor Run is great for opening up nasal and air passages.


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