Feeling Grateful


I am grateful for so much in my life. I ran across this on Facebook and just started thinking about it all.



I am so blessed when it comes to my family. I love them so much. Kitties too, no doubt!

Cloth Diapers


These things are saving us such money. If they were the diapers of old, I’m not sure we’d be doing them.

Breast feeding

IMG_1108.JPG (I hope my flowers do no offend anyone)

I am so lucky that I can breast feed. I didn’t think I would be able too for long but, I could. It save so much money and it’s obvious it good for CDubs and he prefers breast milk to formula.



I feel like, this is what I am supposed to do. I generally enjoy what I doing and I feel challenged daily. Not many can say that about their professions.


Only a week or more ago I was cursing the idea of FB. Without FB I would have absolutely no idea what anyone was doing. Without FB my friends couldn’t pop over to AOS and read my blog and see how I doing. Everyone is too busy nowadays, myself included so, really, social media is a Godsend. I am able to see and speak to people who can’t call me or are unable to be here. I understand and I am so glad for FB!



Or long weekends. I love weekends because there is the possibility of sleeping in, playing snugly games with CDubs, and general bone laziness.

Yup, I am excellent at doing absolutely nothing. Love me some free time.

What do you wake up feeling grateful for this morning?



  1. dragonflylady77

    We were at our kids’ school assembly last month and a lady latched on her little cutie pie and I had to look away before I started crying. Same thing happened back in April at a kids birthday party, the lady I sitting across from started nursing her baby and I had to walk away for a bit and hug my 11yo because I was bawling. *sigh*
    I breastfed my kids for 2y3m and 19m respectively and I still miss it.
    I still go Ooooooh! when I see cute cloth nappies but I don’t feel the same pang of sadness. A friend posted a link to some Doctor Who & Totoro cloth nappies last week and OMG they were so cute!
    I’m grateful to my ex-husband for my two gorgeous clever children. ^_^
    I’m grateful for the internet so I can make new friends and keep in touch with the ones I have, and my family in France.
    And now I’m going to go eat my dinner before it gets cold.

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      1. dragonflylady77

        My life is full of love. ^_^
        My wife and I have 4 kids between us, it gets busy but it’s lovely, the kids get along for the most part, I’m on friendly terms with my ex, which helps since we have shared care of my 2.
        Then there’s the writing, the crochet, the rugby… 😉

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