I Live! (Long Personal Update)

(Gif, tumblr.com)

Yes it’s true, I made it through the first week! I cannot believe it myself! I was able to put some decorations up and get my classroom put together, for the most part. I am missing some basic things that I will take care of during Wednesday’s planning time.

My office looks like a disaster. My janitor did mop it but he never waxed it. So it’s got things all over the place because I’ve needed things from boxes and then… My office becomes a shuffled mess of papers. He’s decided it won’t be waxed so I must get things put out… Sometime…

I think the general how do rules, procedures, how to take notes portion if the week, went well. My exuberance seems to be catching, thankfully.

The drum set is lovely, all the pieces came this week. I also got my conga set with stand. It arrived damaged to the point I couldn’t mount the congas on the stand, that came with them. I received replacements almost instantly, once I called and complained.

Then I think I badly sprained or fractured a bone in my hand, when I was adjusting the stand height. I wasn’t being smart… Sigh. It hurts but I think because I don’t want to cut my hand off, it’s just a sprain.

I also received something quite awesome this week! I did the Reddit teacher gifting donation event. I was the teacher receiving the donation from an an anonymous source.

I asked for dry erase markers, 400 pencils, construction paper, 100 notebooks (at back to school time you can get notebooks for $.17 each so I didn’t think that was unreasonable), dry erase board erasers and I asked that if the grifter could, but it certainly was not a deal breaker, donate 30 clip boards because we don’t have desks to write on and they won’t give us any.

So I thought if I even got picked, maybe I’d get the first bit but certainly not the last bit about the clip boards. I was happily wrong.

I received all of the items above and then some, as well as those extra clipboards. It was completely a shock and I was so thankful! So were the kids:
IMG_1046.JPG(the sign says “Thank you for your gift- TMS Band” the kids made it)

I took 3 kids per class per grade level to take this shot. While not even half my kids, but I feel we achieved our objective. We were supposed to post a picture of our received items on the Reddit site and I feel because I asked for items for the kids, they should be apart of the thanking process.

So I think overall as first weeks go, I had a successful week! It went so well I should be more than able to blog during school, which makes me happy! I had to stop my self from doing so in many occasions, because I wanted to stay focused on school.

Connor also had a great 2nd week at daycare. He has enchanted all of the caregivers and he is cuddled and played with to his heart’s content. It’s really nice to pick up a happy, wiggling, baby everyday:


I am now enjoying day one of my Labor Day weekend (3 day break). Connor is snuggled up against my side in bed while my husband is snoring next to us. My father in law was in Virginia and decided to drive down to see us last night. We had a delicious dinner out and I am told we shall have a nice breakfast out this morning. So I guess I shall cuddle the baby while I can!

Thanks for reading 🙂 promise to pick back up on things from now on (barring natural disasters, sickness, homecoming,and Godzilla attacks.)


  1. anne54

    The first week is always a nerve wracking one! Well done you for getting through and coming out confident and smiling at the other end! The kids look like they are having a good time too. 🙂


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