Happy Birthday to me *cough*

Ugh. I know. It’s my son’s very first week of daycare he’s supposed to get sick and fuss. Here I am though, sick too! Darn compromised immune system! It’s so busy messing up my eyes it won’t fight a cold. Silly thing.

We gave CDubs a dose of baby Tylenol in hope his light feverish sleep calms to a normal one so someone can sleep tonight!

For my birthday, I did my first official head of the Encore Department duty. I had to go to a departmental meeting and change our schedule. We could not convince him to shorten our instructional time back to 70 min. So my next goal was to get planning periods.

I mean three 90 minute classes in a row without more than 5 minute between them, then a 30 minute lunch and another 90 min and home. Sucks. So we came up with this insane schedule. We will teach all of the 5th grade all year and rotate like in elementary school. So music once a week, art once a week, PE once a week, Computer Lab once a week and Library once a week. Then everyone is given 2 planning periods a week to not teach 5th grade.

So my break days are Mondays and Wednesdays. I can tune up guitars during that time for the next day (so I only spot tune), make copies, grade papers at school (*faints in shock*), shoot, be treated like the core teachers.

After working out this schedule and times… I started at 10 and went until 1:40 working on this (with a lunch). I was able to print 4 posters and copy 22 sets of musical Manipulatives and 4 sets of music game cards. Then my husband showed up to go get CDubs.

I was planning on 60 minute classes so, I need to restructure for next week. I also was unable to do that. So I am
Going to school in Saturday to finish.

So that’s how I spent my birthday. After school we went to daycare and they told us CDubs was bordering on sick 😦 so I made the official birthday dinner plans $5 pizza and CSI NY. Luckily, my amazing grandmother sent me a bit of cash to do so with (and she shall receive a phone all in the morning!)

I ate my pizza, nursed my baby, and slept on the couch listening to Stella and Mac kicking ass.

Now I am cuddling a very tired and unhappy jelly bean baby.

Cuddling is nice. Poor thing.


this is actually is yesterday at open house (with modifications of course.).


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