85 Degrees

Today was like the Perrier water commercial.

I mean it was:
Sorry, perfect music joke opportunity, couldn’t let it go.

CdDubs went to daycare today and I did not cry when I dropped him off. Maybe it’s because I went to bed at 3AM and was, from that point on, so tired I was numb; or I trust the day care facility to take care of him. It’s a little of both, I think.

Ryan said on the way to work, after dropping CDubs off, that he wished I didn’t work and that he could afford to keep me home. While sweet, I would probably go mad if I spent years at home. Not that I wouldn’t love to its just, I would need things to be more equal if I did, and things aren’t. So I am not sure I could handle it.

After these reflections, we made it to my school and my data manager, a person who hates the thought of my existence, was so happy to see me. I thought perhaps he knew something horrible I didn’t and was waiting in glee to tell me. Apparently my class schedules are driving him nuts because of the new computer system and he’s convinced I can fix it.

He shall hate me by 10AM tomorrow because I don’t know anymore then he does. The computer is scheduling me for way to many classes a day and I don’t know how to fix that. Maybe with a hammer. Into the computer. Maybe not.

Once assured I would be there to help, I walked the “green mile” (I am at the very back of the school. I follow this green set of guiding stripes all the way back.) to my room.

My AC was broken this time last year. I was 8 weeks pregnant and miserable. Guess what? You don’t have to be pregnant and without AC to be miserable. It’s just the lack of AC. I was without it again. How joyous.

We almost set my room on fire last year, with the industrial fan we had to use to keep my students from wilting. The chord, on the fan we used last year, had exposed wires. I didn’t notice the unsafe wires and our carpet almost went up in flames because no one looked.

If I am lucky to get a fan, I’ll check this year.

So it’s hotter than a hooker in church, and I had to move furniture and travel all over the place collecting things I needed for tomorrow.

There were some positives today though:
My full license was waiting for me in my box. I graduated college with a bachelors of Music Education degree, so I wasn’t a lateral entry teacher. Like a lateral entry teacher, I was on a probationary period to prove my worth. My new license was dated to last until 2019 so, I seemed to be properly licensed now.

I must have done very well, my school has been chosen to pilot a new arts integration program designed, by the intelligent Michelle Obama. Sounds complicated and possibly overwhelming but, it could be fun. Or it could be utter soul sucking damnation controlled by Zombie flesh eating demons- who knows? I will be the only person in the county to be going through this, I think my principal said.

I asked for white card stock and I received some. No one told me I was unworthy of it due to my subject area. *cue invasion of the body snatchers theme song*

So now I will have my music UNO cards!

I am setting up my classroom in a strange sort of angle to accommodate the strange placement of my smart board but, it will ultimately divide my room into quadrants. I can have a reading area and a computer area, an instrument area. I just need more USB boxes for internet connections and 3 more computers to complete my computer area. I am going to see if there are any older models floating around IT.

Finally, I am going to bitch for proper furniture. I have 19 broken ass chairs, 25 stands from 1975 with rust and graphic language scrawled across them, and I am buying chains and locks. I am not going to let our nice things run away. I am going to demand the left over furniture budget be spent for my purposes instead of new office chairs at the board or some such nonsense. Apparently, if I write a letter every month by Feb when they have any extra, they will go “oh yes that crazy woman wants…” And I shall get it. One teacher got Wagner chairs, new stands with carts, a podium, a music folder filing system, leather folders, and new cabinets.

My cabinets look like they were put together backwards by a fish (because a coordinated human being with arms couldn’t have possibly done it). It’s time for some quality in my
Room, not left over freebies no one wants.

Oh man, so much to do, in such heat:(

At least my students can say to me:

And mean it (I had too lol).

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