Today’s Visit


Today started off pretty bumpy. I slept too late and my husband woke up to early. CDubs woke up less times than pervious nights (only 6 last night, the night before was 8). After convincing the cats to not eat the marching band uniforms my husband was sorting in the living room (for dry cleaning purposes); my parents arrived.

When did my father’s hair turn all gray and white? There is absolutely no black hair left on his head. It’s long too, he put it up in a ponytail!

My mother’s hair is extremely short, another shock because she spent so much of my childhood getting it dyed and styled long.

After exchanging pleasantries, my mother pulls out a bag of items from my childhood room. I was surprised to see some things I had thrown away years before; she must have “rescued” them from the garbage man. No worries, I will throw them out here. I have no use for size 16 rubber ducky boxers and a purse worn through to the inner stitching. It’s the thought that counts, that she’s trying to get rid of things, even if it’s through the guise of returning it to the rightful owner. Hoarding is so complicated.

We go to lunch on Main Street, I had hoped to take them to my favorite lunch and dinner spot, hidden in a row of store fronts. They were of course, closed. How could I have forgotten that?

So we went Asian where I had seafood and my mother tried sushi for the first time, cooked. CDubs ate too but, from a bottle that he is finally learning to like (hurray!).

We map out the way to the next largest town with a mall. It’s about an hour away and I can tell my mother is already working my father’s nerves. He does this jaw thing, it has three stages, we’ll get into that later.

We get to the mall and look around at the stores. My parents wanted to help us out with a couple of outfits for school this year, which really very generous.

We make it to the first store for Ryan and we focus on finding the just right shades of blue for his new shirt. If you opened his closet right now, you’d see a monochromatic line of blue shirt sleeves sloping towards the floor. He needs pants too. Some how he finds his size 29 Length in pants. It amazes me, I need a 43 Length in my pants. He’s really not that short.

Although the multitude of fashionable stores make me think I am too large to be allowed.

My mother starts to over think things, asking way too many questions then forgetting the answers. She’s not as focused as she used to be. She invades my personal space too, which makes me feel defensive and suffocated.

CDubs needs a diaper change anyway.

I return more collected and Ryan has collected some basic things, socks for us both, a pack of undershirts, the perfectly fitting slacks and surprise a plaid blue shirt.

My husband tells us there’s a maternity store on the way to yogurt, my dad wants something sweet, so we stop in.

I find some very helpful nursing accessories and my mother goes into over drive, tossing clothing at me to try on. I am still rounded from my pregnancy so I actually fit in this stuff pretty well. The sales girl sees an opportunity and I am lead to a dressing room where clothing starts to vault over the dressing room door. I can’t keep up, so many empire waisted frocks and spandex! Help!

My father angrily tells my mother enough is enough, and his jaw is on full twitch with a slight jerk of his neck. Almost imperceptible to the untrained eye.

I thank my mother for her attentions and apologizing to my father, I pick out her favorite dress for me to purchase. It’s quite soft but not quite appropriate for school. She seems pleased with my choice.

Off we go to froyo and I tell you, strawberry froyo and fresh kiwi is very delicious and a fine pick me up.

We start off to my store of preference, the land of the 43 inch inseams. It’s been 6 years since my last pair. Styles have changed, they don’t even have wide legged pants for sale. I’m at a loss but a fantastic whirlwind of color and friendliness comes over and declares “girl I know just what you need!” and she did.

My mother is across the store, talking to my father. I can see it, jaw, chin jerk, popped out eyes and raised brows.

Time to go before his head topples over his shoulders.

We part ways in the parking lot and all in all, a pretty good day.

For some reason though, I am tired like I went on a hike up a mountain.

It was very nice of them to get us some school things.

I almost feel guilty for steeling myself for the worst. You just never can tell how she’ll be or how dad will take things.

Getting older changes a great many things indeed.

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