Future Fabulous Friday: Papers Everywhere!

This week has been busy and I was only able to work on my FFF last night and pinning interesting links through the week. Sorry for my lateness in posting!

My goal was to find 2 weeks of activities for my band students. I was successful in my search and I found:
A game where you toss the ball and whatever slice lands facing you, you must clap the rhythm correctly or you’re out. I have 3 levels or balls, essentially a ball per grade.

Note value, “Who am I?” game. Each student gets a card with a musical expression or value. Without being able to see what they have, the ask a partner 3 questions, like is it a note? Is the head filled in or not? Etc. then they must guess what they are to the class.

Musical Manipulatives is just that students will build up a measure of 4/4 time and then be asked to fill in the measure in different combinations.

Students work on recognition of notes with the simple note board game. Probably one of the first games we’ll play to refresh their minds.

Musical Uno is just like regular Uno but there are a smidge more playing cards. This will be our last game to play I think and probably the most entertaining.

I think that’s pretty good so far! I’ve been getting the masters printed and scribbling in the beach balls all week (they aren’t blown up because the cats may end that game before it starts, with their claws!)

I’ll have to think of my next goal and get back to you. 1 hr till the parental units arrive!

Do you have a goal you want to work on or share? Please comment below and recurve encouragement and positive feedback!

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