Hark! What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks?

Oh Evie. Just look at her:IMG_0027.JPG

Does her countenance not show mischief? That sparkle of energy in her eyes, only to be tamed by hours of play or tranquilizers?

She always has adored watching out the back door:


And unfortunately she loves to chew:


And chew:


And chew:


But this time, things were different.

We noticed, this Spring and Summer Evie was stalking the front window. She developed this habit, of chewing blinds and painfully thumping her tail and chittering at the glass.


“Surely it is the birds” I said to my husband. Our neighbors across the way have feeders for their cats. Perhaps Evie is seeing that?

No, I realized, that’s not it, she’s looking into the bushes. Perhaps there are birds or dragonflies in the bushes?

Nope not those. Such little wings do no interest her!

After much thumping and meowing I decided to put Connor down this morning and investigate. I approached her and said in my least intimidating voice (because I have been upset about the blinds and do not wish to scare her off, I want to see the cause now, not the effect) “what’s going on little Evie?”

She looks to me sadly, with her large luminous marble green eyes, and lets out a pitiful mew. She rams her little check against the window.

I see nothing in the bushes. Nothing in the lot or sidewalk. Then I notice movement out of the edge of my vision.

There, on the small edging of brick under my window, is a lime green, delicate, little lizard:


Which surprised me because we had in 2011- 2012 a lizard that used to make sunbathing appearances almost daily:

But the little dog the lizard sat upon became infested with wasps, and we had to get rid of it. We hadn’t seen our lizard friend at all in 2013 and wondered where he had gone. Then we got Evie during the summer in 2013 and still however, no lizard.

So either the same lizard has returned to us or it’s progeny has come to visit. Either way, it’s driving Evie mad! Mind you, that’s not hard to do, but I can tell the lizard is messing with her.

It runs back and forth during the morning, on that ledge for no reason, not eating or anything. Just scurrying and stopping just before the edge of the glass. Then it runs back to the other side and waits again for Evie. I will have to continue to check but, I really think I am right.

I don’t know what we will ever do if we move! These two seem to have a thing going! Poor silly Evie. If I gave you the lizard you’d never catch it. Poor lizard I do not wish you strife and possible kitty death.

So your forbidden love must continue, though the window in the braking dawn of the East. Such star crossed friends!


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