A Lean Month August 7, 2014

(Photos From Apple’s website and Otterbox’s website)

So the month of August is my birth month, and also a very poor month for us. Maternity leave and car repairs among other expenses, have left us in the not so happy money zone.

So you know I have to be super duper happy when I can get something nice for free! Today I was able to get a iPhone 5C and a Otterbox Commuter case and glass protector for freeeeeeee! (my phone is very Easter Eggish!)

I just had to turn in my dying iPhone 4S and I warned them it was trying to die, but they didn’t believe me. What can a person do? I also of course had to sign up for a 2 year plan.

My good FB friend Nick pointed out that the iPhone 6 is out in 4 weeks but, I don’t think it shall be free for me!!

So I am very happy that I was able to upgrade and upgrade well 🙂

Now I seriously need sleep, it took 1hr 30min to transfer my stuff and we had to do it in store (contacts, photos, and videos) because I did not back anything up! My 4S was my 1st smartphone, I had no idea you couldn’t just transfer stuff in store like they used to do!

Now I know!


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