Outside In the Night, There’s a Ring Around the Moon


Coffee cups and gossip, every morning when I rise
Coffee cups and gossip familiar faces suspicious eyes!

Name that musical!

(I am no artist but it’s fun to draw)

Seriously though, I’ve seen this prompt floating around. If you came to have tea or coffee, what would we talk about?

Well first, I do tea. We did tea and biscuits, cakes, biscotti; whenever my dad fancied, when I was a kid. He’d pull out a full tea set and taught us how to pour.

I’d love to have a tea set… Could be nice…

Anyway, we’d talk about babies a bit, I’d probably be holding Connor as I did so. Then I would talk to you about my trepidation when it comes to school starting again. I have this reoccurring nightmare where students are taller than me, more jaded, and rudely tell me they won’t listen and they cut up. I try to get their attention and either I lose my voice at this point in the dream or I lose it and make a fool of myself screaming. Then I usually wake up.

It’s a bad performance anxiety dream. Can I control my classes? Will they listen to me? Will I be a successful teacher?!

Ugh. Hate that.

Then I might talk about my mountain of laundry that never stops.

Or complain about my lazy husband, but concede I’m lazy too but you would find I am a shade less. Then if you spoke badly of him, I would defend his honor to the last. Such is the way of things.

I might talk to you about how sweet Evie has been the past couple of days; she’s afraid we might sell her for new bottle nipples I warrant.

At this point I would refresh your cup and put out more biscuits. Or cake. This little place 215 on a Main has delicious coconut cake! I would convince you to try some of course.

Then might speak of music we enjoy right now, I am liking Aloe Blacc a lot right now (so is America).

Then I might talk to you about how I plan to sneak in two cartoon songs in the Christmas concert; Winter Wrap up and the Adventure Time theme song… Maybe my kids could do it. I dunno.

At this point you might be full and looking for the door. That’s okay, I’m sure CDubs wants to play or nap, depending.

Very scattered sort of conversation. Then again, I am generally a scattered sort of person. Hence the sundries bit of my blog…

I excel at small talk, it’s a Southern thing… Which means I am good at talking about nothing and making it seem important. Lol



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