Minecraft Momma!


When I was a little girl, my dad worked 2 jobs to keep what little food we could afford, on the table. One of the few luxuries he had was a Nintendo. He would play Final Fantasy all the time. I remember making him read to me what the characters said (“would thou wish to save thin game?”) and explain things to me. Being five and attention starved, that was the way I could hang out with my dad and he still got to chill after work. Sure, he should have actually talked to me or played with me but, it’s hard to dislike the parent that didn’t beat you, forget you were outside playing and would lock you outside without food for hours on end, and who didn’t scream at you endlessly.

From my father’s love of games grew my own. I wasn’t allowed to play for a good while (too young), but I helped my older brother and father solve puzzles in the Super NES (Lufia and Lufia II, FFIII (now VI), oh so many more I cannot remember the names to). Later I was allowed to play the systems and eventually graduated (lol) to computer games (Morrowind, Elder Scrolls, Neverwinter Nights, Sims). I even dabbled in online games like Pangya! And World of Warcraft.

When I met my husband, he had the newer systems, I had a Gameboy. He really had to work hard to get me to understand the controller configuration. The graphics, while so much better than the NES and Gameboy systems, screwed me up all the time.

I am happy to say while I still love SIMs and other computer games, I finally got the hang of the XBox360. I started off slow with RPGs like a Eternal Sonata and now here I am playing Dragon Age and Beta testing Destiny (which the beta ended Sunday).

What started as a way to gain attention became a life long hobby.

My husband is an XBox Gold member, every year on his birthday, I update his subscription (a very easy present!). He gets free games through the XBox Live thing and can buy games too. (Those games sive directly on the hard drive instead of being on disks)

One such game was Minecraft.

“We can play together!”

Was his reasoning. I went from tiny block graphics to the pretty cut scenes of Playstation and XBox360, and you want me to play this pixely looking game!?

yes, a thousand times yes!

At first it was difficult for me to master the controls, I kept destroying instead of using (left trigger verses right trigger) and falling off cliffs because I didn’t crouch, instead I changed camera angles. It was bad. You would think I never played a game in my life.

Then one day after escaping a zombie and spider hoard, my husband showed me how to mine.

It was all over. I had found the thing about Minecraft I loved. Mining. It makes sense being that’s basically the game; mining and crafting.

So while my darling newborn ate and slept and I slowly stopped passing out on the couch every time he ate; I decided to play the tutorial world again on my own. There us only so much BBC America a person can take.

So whenever Connor slept and I felt okay, I played. I first went totally vanilla with my first world. No monsters no exploding creepers or spiders or zombies (I hate hate zombie movies, zombie walks, zombie days, zombie games… *shudder* my ass is being cremated).

(There are other monsters in the Nether but I have not made it there yet) (images from the Minecraft Wiki)

I learned how to farm, cause once out of the safe mode, your character gets hungry. I learned how to craft, and I mined!

Once I was comfortable, I made a new world and turned on the monsters, still vanilla but, I like to think it’s like vanilla bean ice cream, it’s got the flavor nature intended.

Right now, my goal is to complete The Pit *duh duh duhhh*

The pit started off as a sandstone quarry in the desert (the Minecraft works has different biomes, desert, jungle, grasslands, forest, mountains… And underwater! Well you can’t live underwater you’d drown. But there are seas! Of course there is also a underworld type place too with a bunch of creepy things too.). Then I need cobble stone to make a house.

Then… I wanted a pit straight down to bedrock, which is as low as you can dig. So I mined. And I made little platforms like in Lord of the Rings the Dwarven mines!

(The Pit)

I have a Homebase in there:


And every three vertical blocks I make a platform so I don’t fall and die:



Sometimes the platforms branch off into natural tunnels. As seen above.

So far I have just mined straight down collecting Coal and Iron Ores. In the game you are mining Gold, Iron, Coal, Obsidian, Redstone, Emeralds, Diamonds, Lapis… All to craft things like swords, pickaxes, axes and the like.

I am enjoying digging my random pit:


And there is So so soooo much more to Minecraft! You can milk cows, and make steak, grow crops, bake bread, there are sheep and chickens and you can make armor and slay dragons!

But I am not quite there yet.

I am however having fun, and enjoying the game more than I thought.

Minecraft also introduced me to Twitch. I now watch Twitch and MinecraftMomma is my username. I watch Bacon_Donut and Crusty Mustard on the weekends and my son dances (well wiggles) to Bacon’s dance intro before his bath. Lately my husband has been listening to Dethridge on Twitch and he seems pretty cool too.

It would be fun to stream games like they do.

But that’s a quick Minecraft rave from me. I have to go make lunch! Thanks for reading!


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