Did You At Least Wash Your Hands?

A couple of months ago, I was traveling with my husband and son. On our way to our destination we stopped for lunch at a favorite Resturant and invited a friend to dine with us.

As we are eating, my friend is holding our son in a cradle type hold. A woman from a booth opposite ours and up a bit, gets up and I assume, was on her way to the rest room. On the way though, she takes a detour. She comes up to my son, bends over, tell him he’s so beautiful and precious and proceeds to stroke his cheeks and hair.

I won’t lie to you. My first reaction was not to scream at her or tell her to back it up lady. I was shocked. I was not expecting a total stranger to just decide it was okay to touch a stranger’s child.

After looking at my husband and friend like “uh what just happened?” I actually got a little upset. Why does she think touching my new baby is okay?

Well Undercover Momma, a Facebook group, posted this picture as a possible solution:

So my first thought was, “aw, we use a stroller. There is no where to hook this!” Because still people swoop in to touch my son. He’s adorable, I understand but still…

Then I thought well, it’s just like warning people “Baby on Board!” You want people to be warned. In this case you are saying, please don’t touch my baby.

So thought it was great idea but apparently… I am one of the many spineless individuals out there:


Putting aside the rudeness of this, she brings up a point. Is random contact a healthy way to build a strong immune system? Or could mopping less at home equal the same thing?

Then there was a person who felt the sign was just inappropriate:


Now I know some people out there don’t feel like a sign is necessary, one person had no idea strangers would touch an unknown baby without permission:


Which as my story says, totally happens.

A very few moms out there liked the sign:


I feel I like the idea of the sign. Maybe one that says “please ask before you touch” or “I am a premie baby and I get sick easily, please don’t touch.” I didn’t think it was rude, what the sign said, and I felt it cuts down on the time it would take to tell someone to back off. It would also be more polite. Some people I know would explode in anger and cause a scene. This sign would prevent that.

In the end, it all comes down to one thing. What makes you comfortable? Sure the mom with the attitude doesn’t mind if people help “build up” her child’s immune system. That’s her. It’s also perfectly fine if you’d rather the sign said something more polite. It’s even fine if you want to just say, “I know he’s cute but, is rather you not touch him.”

I’ve learned it’s your baby, your decisions and your job to protect your child as you deem fit. So I am totally fine with the sign.

How about you? Is the sign too much? Comment below with your opinion!

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