I Was Stalking the Stocking, Purely for Fun

If you’ve read my guide to Cloth Diapering Terms you know stocking is when you wait for a diaper to be stocked. Stalking is waiting for the stocked item to become available online for purchase (by refreshing the page until the item shows up as in stock).

This week has be pure unbridled stalking of stock and some of these ladies have been very vicious!

The item in question? A new print by BumGenius the Charlie Chaplin print:


It’s cute and it’s the male companion to the Audrey Hepburn diaper released earlier this year. I wanted an Audrey myself, but could not rationalize a pink girly sunglass filled diaper for Connor…. I tried to though…

So it first came into my sphere with an announcement on Fb: (with a picture)


And I realized with glee, a new print! The first sale of these diapers was on Thursday night, a different online store sold them out within 15 minutes of stocking! People were distraught but, this wasn’t the only place to get a Charlie (Chaplin).

Then we got notice, Monday at an unspecified hour, they would stock the diapers. Mothers everywhere set their phones to record the date.

Then we found out the time:


The traffic at the website selling today was enormous, well over 600 people bringing up, and refreshing the Chaplin page.

Then the faithful hour struck and various reports say the diapers sold out in under 15 minutes.


And reasonable people who know the dangers of online shopping, who know that an item in your cart is NEVER safe until you complete the transaction, lost their minds:



I mean really, we all knew better. We should have known what would happen and it would be a virtual lottery when it came to who scored a Charlie.

Even after asking the ladies to play nice, people are still fuming, leaving unfortunate messages about how unfair it all was.

As for me? We got our Charlie on Thursday afternoon, quite on accident. I sent Ryan out to get cradle cap cream from Sugarplum Moms a local natural baby store. My husband saw right when he walked into the shop, a Charlie flip cover on display. In shock he said “is that what I think it is?”

She said yes and asked if we were still doing pocket diapers. She pulled one out and said she had, many many more.

So, I have my Charlie. I didn’t have to stalk the stocking today! Once more, we learned Sugarplums always gets these special diapers in and, we have more of a chance of getting speciality Bums from then than online!

So now you too know, the absolute frenzy people get in over special prints. Stalking a Stocking is no joke. You also got to see that yes, I am quite smugly happy we found ours in person, rather than online!


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