Ughhhh *falls out of bed* July 16, 2014


If only this were true! My little guy is up and ready to go and I am…

So, so tired. I told you all he was teething, and going from waking once a night to 4 or 5 times a night. Well, I felt around for the offending tooth yesterday and it’s gone! I cannot feel it poking out from the gum! So, I’m thinking it did not abscond in the night, perhaps his gums are just that inflamed from the whole process!

If that is the case, poor, poor little man!

Other news, we see I have the bare bones up of my CD terms post. I finished it last night only to have some of it erased! Most upset about that! I righted it while dealing with an unfortunate southern problem.

It’s humid in the south, in NC. When you breathe in outdoors, you also drink a glass of water. It’s that bad. My diapers are also not doing well in this kind of humidity. Some of them have developed mildew and mold.


Most people who can afford to, would toss these out. Living in a humid area though, that’s just foolish if you can’t afford it. There are natural ways to combat this and chemical. I will have to write a post on that as well!

Also, in news Connor’s eczema is getting worse:


and we are out of his gel to combat it. His next appointment is July 30 and that might be too long to wait. It looks painful but, as ever he is such a cheerful lad!

I am in the process of receiving small tokens of Ryan’s affection via the mail. Every week brings a new surprise. This week I got a new cover for my Nook (he swears it was cheaper than my first cover which was $50 and quite bulky.). This cover is light and reminiscent of a iPad case. I love my Nook because I can enlarge text. I am going to have to tell you all about my rare eye disease soon, I feel like things are… Changing so it will be good to have some background before possible craziness starts.

I shall be popping into the doctors this week for an unrelated reason, check ups are important! Please go to the doctor if you ever feel the need, it’s important :)! Also, a yearly appointment is a good thing! Make sure all your cogs work in all!

I am mystifyingly excited to return to TMS in the fall and even more interested in our current dilemma: daycare. I think we found a place but, due diligence says we must be thorough and check them all. Well all the ones taking infants at least.

Oh and new glasses by School’s return too! I found two pair I love at, oddly enough, Wal-Mart!

Well, update again soon, stay awesome, I know I shall endeavor to do the same!


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