I feel like I was too hasty! July 11, 2014

So teething is taking it’s toll on CDubs (Connor) he is once again a cuddle bug. The first 6 weeks of his life he napped on me. Then he became quite independent and napped in my lap or his pack n play. Now I’m holding him 24/7. He screams out in Pain in random intervals and cries and cries… It hurts me to hear it! He’s also feverish and it’s all just so…

My poor baby!

I have 3 posts to write, one is all scientific about waking up at night with your spouse and taking care of the baby, one is about Kawaii Diapers, and one is about my daycare trip today….

But I can’t. I put him down to write this and he’s grunting and rubbing his cheek (where I feel the sharp point of doom lancing through his tender gums). Poor duck! I am here baby!

Write when I can, thanks for still listening!


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