Fur Babies

I am almost positive that if you are on the internet and read, you have read the term “Fur Babies” before. No, I am not saying my son Connor is covered in hair that would make a Pomeranian jealous, I am talking about pets. I want to talk to you about my fur babies, Fiona and Evie.

Fiona the Fierce-some
Yes! Cower at her almighty… Cuteness!

Almost 4 years ago, I was living in my college town, just finishing up college and working absurdly hard at Kohl’s, a retail establishment. My Boyfriend, now husband, and I had just moved in together I believe, a year prior, and we were just getting things under control.

I was battling, unknown to me, the side effects of my brain tumor and had just been told I could not have children. Again. The first time I was told at 15 it was “you will have great difficulty.” Now it was “well, you no longer ovulate, we don’t know why so, no children.” I mean we couldn’t afford IVF at all, we weren’t even working in our fields yet. Would my boyfriend leave me? He wanted children! So did I but, he could go out and find someone else! He swore he loved me and we’d find another way.

But part if me needed proof. Part of me wanted to take care of someone.

So we started to look at getting a pet. A little cat that we could pet, cuddle, and take care of together. Something we could both love and care for.

We ended up at the local pound with 5 choices. We had a Maine Coon mix (they are HUGE and not my first choice), a Siamese, a tiger stripped domestic short hair, and a patchy domestic long hair.

Our first two choices, the coon and Siamese had been adopted, they were very pretty so I understood. We looked at our other choices and they were either gone or not what we thought.

The dork that I am, I wrote down the names of the cats I thought were pretty and put them in a book. I looked at “J-Wow” and “Snookie” and “Paris Hilton” and finally we came across “Taylor Swift.”

Oh she was beautiful. Kind of slender, almost as tall as her cage, lovely cream, brown, and black coat… And then she turned her lovely little face to me and I saw the most beautiful golden eyes I had ever seen in a cat. I had blue eyed cats and green eyed cats growing up. Never brown and never so lovely!

We decided to take her out and pet her. She had, on closer inspection, black feet, as if she stepped in some ink, purple paw pads, a ringed Tail and her purr.

It was a deep rich purr as we cuddled her fluffy soft body. She was just about a year old, and had been locked up there for 5 months.

That was it! We had to have her! So after running around, we came back and got Fiona Taylor Wilson (later to be Gillespie) and whisked her home in our car:

Her first ride home with us.

At first, all she did was hide:

Which was hard because we were severely lacking furniture.

Then she started to show her playful side:


And she became my favorite companion and very much like a daughter:


And I loved her so very, very much:


Now that she is bordering on 4 years, I can say she had changed. She still hides, but only during thunderstorms. She still hangs out but now more so with her human father:

But she still comes to cuddle with her mommy every now and again:

(And she filled out a bit… We’re working in fixing that…)

Evie the Energetic


For the past 2 years we had thought our energetic Fiona was lonely while we worked. We thought she needed someone to play with. We also wanted a cat the actually snuggled. Fiona does not like to be on furniture, or laps.

We thought about adopting another but, the opportunity never came around.

Then last year, right before our wedding friends came with us to Petsmart. We were picking up Fiona supplies and we wheeled our cart past the adoption center.

There she was a cute little tuxedo kitten with her white whiskers a white belly. Matthew was beside himself at her cuteness.

So we took her out to play. She was frisky but purred in our laps, soaking up out attentions.

It was love all over again. She was so dainty.

So we brought her home and separated her from Fiona like they told us.

She became a hellion. Climbing shelves, knocking over swords. We couldn’t keep her cooped up for more than a month. She was a dangerous little beast!

We freed her, and she and Fiona became hated enemies. Fighting, chasing, hissing, eating one another’s food.


I cried (pregnant and hormonal) about the mistake we made. How we ruined Fiona’s life but then:

They begrudgingly started to have bursts of loving affection.

Evie opened up more:


Showed her psychopathic side:

And now she is apart of the family!

And both of them do very well with Connor:





So those are my fur babies. I don’t know Evie as well as Fiona but, that’s okay, we have time. I truly enjoy how my little ladies enhance our lives!


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