Bolster Your Heart!


Today I felt like sharing some of my circumstances. Hope that’s alright with you!

This quote hit me yesterday, as I was browsing my Facebook Timeline.

What’s coming for all of us is of course, is unknown. I do have an idea about our immediate future. I am going to be able to go to work again in the fall. Well, I will provided that we are able to find childcare that accepts infants. A couple places have said “1 year to ….” As their age requirements.

This will have us utilizing every bit of our income and we had to pool our bonuses to pay off a small credit card. Doing so gave us what we needed to put Connor into daycare.

There are future issues like my loans start up again in September. I need to adjust my payment plan, they take family size into account.

Things aren’t going to be easy at all. It’s okay though, it’s only temporary! (I understand that means years)

As I said though, what will come will come, and we will meet it head on!

Going to Julie and Alex’s Engagement party today. I will be writing allllllllll about that Monday. I get to meet the man she is to marry!

Cheers! Enjoy your weekend!

(Sunday I have to work on a last minute project I was assigned for work… It’s complicated…)

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