&@”$&%+%%*!!! Ehmm, yes… Difficult Day…


(No babies were crying when this photo was shot or during the editing of the photo. He had finally fallen asleep at this point.)

So here we are… 2 hours from home stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. My infant, finally cried himself to sleep.

Apparently, there was a huge wreck earlier that did not get cleaned up before rush hour hit. I am truly sorry for the people involved in that accident and I truly hope that they are okay and heal quickly.

I wish I could have explained that to my baby as he looked at me, bawling his tiny eyes out and clutching my index finger in complete baby misery.

We couldn’t quiet him at all and we decided this meant we had to somehow pull over on the shoulder. After doing battle with a ridiculous amount of cars, we got over and caution lights blinking, parked.

This is where I earned my mommy badge for the day. I built a tent, in the car, so we could breast feed in peace. Once built, I fed him and then proceeded to change him in my lap, after burping him. The traffic was so horrifically close, that was the only way.

Once that happened, we tried to bounce and comfort our infant son as much as we could. It’s hard though to play in a tiny car. We tried but, we had to move on or we’d be there for forever. So we pulled further right, just enough for Ry to hop out and put CDubs back in the seat and buckle him in.

By the time Ry got to him seat once more, CDubs was bawling. I tried to comfort him but he cried himself to sleep. We finally got to the exit for dinner, two hours later instead of the original 30 minutes.

We got to our exit which took us through a bigger city and tried to convince my husband to stay in this city for the night, our baby had been in the car over 5 hours today. He finally told me to “Do what I want,” which is man speak for “Do what you want but I’ll get super pissed.”

I didn’t care though, my poor son had had enough and frankly, me too. So I made a executive decision. I called the local Wyngate and booked us a room for the night. I don’t care if I get no birthday presents. It’s cool. We needed to stop.

So my grumpy husband drove us to the hotel and we checked in. Got up to the warm room, turned on the AC and unloaded things. Broke M’s  present on the way up :(. We gave our son a bath and realize as he starts to cry again that it’s still hot… We check the AC and, it’s not working!

So we pack up everything again and get moved to the other end of the hotel. Luckily, this room is cool.

I’m going to bed y’all. Who knows what tomorrow will bring!

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