Lake Erie Speedway

Yup, that pretty much sums up tonight! Ryan’s best friend from high school Hallie invited Ryan and I to come with her and her significant other James to the racetrack today. We had such a good time visiting over tacos, provided by Ryan’s mother, that they decided they wanted us to come hang out later the same day! That something that definitely makes a person feel good!

So we left baby Connor with his Mimi and Papa and we went out to the racetrack. Parking was very interesting, and after we got done getting through the gates and proving that my purse had no food, we went to find Hallie and James. Hallie and James also had with them their firstborn daughter, Hannah. She was definitely excited to watch the cars on the racetrack, so it’s obvious that she had been here and watched races before! So I was the only real novice there, 2 and half-year-old beat me out, I was more new to something than she!

So we watched the preliminary races, and I went and bought me a hat, because I am very pale, and it was very sunny; even though it was after 6:00 PM. After the preliminary races and a preliminary crash:
We were told that tonight they were having a very special autograph signing session down on the race track. There, every single driver of every single car from tonight’s event, would be out there with their car, with some candy, and ready to sign anything you brought to them (within reason). I wanted to go because I had seen some very small racing cars, about waist high, race during the preliminary races and I wanted to see them closer. Ryan wanted to see some old muscle type cars, and I think Hannah and her parents just wanted to check out the cars and take very cute pictures with their very cute daughter. (As I said, James and Hallie also seem to genuinely love racing but with such a cutie pie as a daughter, you can’t resist pictures!)

So we went down, out of our seating area, to this huge line of people waiting that wrapped all the way around then back-and-forth all over the place. We almost thought that we would not be able to go down onto the track because, there were so many people waiting.

But we got through and it was totally worth it we saw whole bunch of really fun cars, ate some definitely tasty treats, and had a good time just looking at everything. I think that was the best part, honestly. It helped me feel more connected to what was going on. For instance number 14’s wife gave Hallie free tickets that they passed on to us. So naturally, after meeting them and such, number 14 was our car for that race!

Here is some things we/ I saw:

Place was packed!

Preliminary Races

The Mini Racers had tall teens driving these cars! The announcer explained racing small, like this, and young helps these youths decide if they want to pursue larger race car racing! The tops of the cars, the roofs, slide on and off so they can get in and out, in case you were wondering how done of the 6’4″ kids got in these things!



Also a huge thanks of course, to Hallie and James for giving is the tickets in the first place!!!

After we finished looking at the cars, we ran into a paramedic, turned road crew cleaner for the night. Apparently, he and Ryan played hockey together and they went to High School together with Hallie. His name was Scott and he was very nice and told us am interesting paramedic story. I am telling you, hats off to all paramedics! I had to swat at Ryan after we walked away, he failed to introduce his wife to this old school mate! Geeze!

Then we made it back to our seats and watched the shark car win the first race and number 29 win the mini racer race.

Ryan and I decided we really had to get back to Connor, it had been 2 1/2 hours and it was 45 minutes until his bath before bed.

We truly enjoyed the experience and feel just happy and blessed we got to go! I truly enjoyed myself! I might not be all for racing cars as my favorite sport but, I’d go again!

Here’s to New Experiences!


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