Meet and Greet BLL Style June 27, 2014

Tonight, my MIL Cathy made a huge Mexican feast for Connor to meet all of the BLLs and their husbands. Totally had a great time, Connor lasted longer this time without crying about the noise people just make. What can you do, nobody who loves each other can whisper excited conversations too long. I wouldn’t expect them to either.

Connor also met another girl today! He met Addy on last Sunday and she was interested for a bit, but she is not quite a year yet, so she lost interest. Connor met today Kaitlynn (Kaitlin ?) and she’s a year and a half and was very taken with the little baby. She kept trying to say baby too, which was Aaaadorable. She had on the cutest little sundress. Ahhh little gils and their
adorable clothes!!

Connor was super spiffy to in his blue overalls and polo. We didn’t get pictures 😦 he was quite hard to calm down! Once we left the noise, he became a wiggle worm! He played a bunch and snuggled his lamby.

I truly love my son so very much! So cute!

He also received some developmental toys and some nine month clothing (hurray! We’ll need that soon enough!)

He’s got a great big family, my little man, he’s very lucky!

Megan got one:



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