Painting Wine Glasses are Highly Therapeutic and Fun!


Truly, I had a great time tonight at Lakeview Wine Cellars in Pennsylvania. We came in, we tasted good wine, and I reaffirmed my hatred of Napa Grapes. After rinsing my mouth out with the “finest water they had to offer,” from the tap (lol), we ladies went out to a group of picnic tables.

There, two young ladies presented us each with two large, clear, flat sided (well as flat as a wine glass can be) wine glasses to paint. We were given acrylic paints of many colors and shown some beautiful examples of what we could do. We were also told that Pinterest had some lovely examples of what we could pain on our glasses if we wanted to do something different.

So we all took out our iPhones and searched for designs. Megan and Cathy found many they liked but Megan (my sister in law) ultimately went abstract and girly. Cathy (my mother in law) got a little help from the artists and designed a lovely glass proclaiming her “luv” of Connor (it was cute, I couldn’t find her glasses though…) (edit! They reappeared today!)

I decided to look in Pinterest and I found an Etsy artist whom I basically poorly tried to copy. I took their tree idea with red buds and red birds and turned it into a pink cherry tree with a trunk and grass. On the flattest branch instead of two red birds I did two blue birds and a baby blue bird with a big red heart above their heads. So I took a little license with the idea:

My second glass I took my letter “K” from Katherine and doodled with it. My favorite part is the glitter stem:

It took time to do these but I was done very easily, well the set up was easy:

– Glossy Paper plates as artist pallets
– Many sized brushes
– Disposable cups with water for rinsing brushes
– mini shot glass sized cups for rubbing alcohol
– paper towels
– many colors of acrylic paint
– Sharpie paint pens
– Mod Poge glue
– loose glitter
– sticky rhinestones
– hot glue gun
– ribbons, boas
– cotton ball
– paper
– wine glasses that have no prints or etchings on them
– oven

Set up:

Give everyone one plate, one cup of water in a disposable cup, and a shit glass of rubbing alcohol. Pass out wine glasses you wish to paint and on a deprecate table lay out your paints, glue gun, glitter etc. everything you need to decorate.


1. Everyone must prep their glasses by wiping them off with rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball.

2. Tell everyone your theme or show them a Pinterest board of ideas on how to pain their glasses.

3. Making sure the glass is dry, pick out paints to decorate glasses with. Make sure you leave an inch and a half from the top lip I painted for drinking purposes and do not pain inside the glass where the liquid goes.

4. If you are adding glitter, wait for all paint to dry, then paint glass on the area you wish glitter to be with Mod Poge glue, then dust with glitter over a sheet of paper that has been folded in half. Once you dust, the glitter falls on the paper and you can dump it back into the container and reuse it. Once dusted to your liking, paint a second coat of Mod Poge over the glitter (to make it stay).

5. Put glasses in oven and warn up the oven with the glasses inside to 350 degrees. Once at 350, bake for 30 minutes.

6. Once the time is up, turn off the heat and open the oven door and leave it open. Allow the glasses to cool inside the oven.

7. Once cool again, you may glue ribbons, feather boas and apply jewels to your glass. Be warned, if you want to actually use your glass, try to be practical in your decorating. *if your glass is decorative you don’t have to bake it*

8. Enjoy your glass 🙂

When washing, hand wash, warm water and do not scrub over design. It can wear away with washing more than a rinse. Eventually the pattern will wear away with time. Just try to be careful to keep it dry and it will last a good while!

I think this could be fun for parties, of any sort for adults of varying ages. It was very fun and I hope you have fun too!


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