Well, That Was Interesting! June 24, 2014

As I said, I was going out with my MIL and the BLLs for dinner. We went to a nice French Resturant that got dimmer and dimmer as the minutes passed.

There were 8 of us and we ordered all kinds of things. The French cheeses were very tasty and my strip steak with pear rice pilaf and rutabagas and zucchini were just delicious. I ended up with a large peach Crepe Suzette with vanilla bean ice crem. Very yummy!

Now for the comedic relief. We all were chatting, well I was listening and contributing a bit, and our waiter was actively talking with us too. He was a very jovial guy who wanted us to sincerely have a good time at the Resturant. During our talking, there was a great downpour and the power flickered off and on twice. We joked about going home and eating soup and really didn’t worry about it much. But we should have.

Check time comes and, we wait, and wait… The checks come back and they are very wrong. People paying for other’s meals, coffees,extra bottles of wine (I had a glass and a half it was yummy). He apologizes and takes the checks back and runs them again. He comes back and explains that the storm must have kicked out the system and he tried to fix it. So we gave back our checks again. We wait some more, and more, and yet more and it comes back again for some of the table. That gets sorted but my MIL and my check is missing, so is Mrs.P’s check and Mrs. A is waiting for her check to be righted as well.

So we wait some more.

Finally a hour later we get the checks sorted out, the proper monies distributed and a very apologetic waiter wishing us well.

Except one thing… Apparently the 4th time they forgot to put my meal on the ticket. So, I ended up with my meal comped. I don’t know if that was on purpose or not but we noticed it after we got home 20 minutes later.

Talk about a night out, we were gone for 4 hours! It was very fun but I am glad to be home with Connor and Ryan again!

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