Someone Called my Baby “Sexy”

It started innocently enough, a mom with her 8 month old daughter (I asked) approached me. She asked some normal mom questions: “How old is he? How big was he when he was born? Do you Breast feed?” But when this mom tried to get my son to look at her I wasn’t expecting her to say this: “Aren’t you cute? Look at me sexy!”

My privacy measures aside, my husband prefers I do this, (if you were wondering) my son is cute, adorable, handsome, gorgeous, precious, feisty, bubbly (literally a bubble making machine), happy, innocent, and so many other adjectives besides sexy.

Is it because he’s male? In our society are we so obsessive about looks and sex that we have to transfer those words to children?!

God, I hope not.

I’ve seen the videos of children twerking, of toddlers dressing maturely. There has to be a line somewhere. My kid is going to be a kid for as long as I can keep him that way. I’ve drawn the line, babies in onesies are not sexy.

My son is beautiful and wonderful but, he is not sexy, and not just because I am his mom. He isn’t sexy because he is 3 months old!

(I am sure the mom wasn’t thinking of him sexually either it’s just, why was that the second word to pop into her head?)


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