The Brain Game

As I have alluded to, and down right mentioned in a post or three on here, I have medical issues. I give you, the mystical pituitary adenoma:

20140618-211056-76256579.jpg(Image from: gammaknifeonline)

So it’s a tumor that is generally non-cancerous, located in or on the pituitary gland. They can vary in size, from 1mm up to a golf ball size or beyond. It can either be inside the glad or outside the gland. Pituitary tumor removal is tricky, but much easier with our current medical technology. Brain surgery of course would be required, and depending, the loss of the gland itself may be necessary and a strict pill regimen taken up, for life. (Cause you kinda need that gland to live, you know). This is however, is only necessary in extremely large tumor cases.

The list of evils I can befall if it grows golf ball sized are vision loss of varying types and degrees. There is possibility of complete blindness too. Sometimes it can cause excessive growth throughout the body, it can cause weight gain, it can cause over abundance of hormones, infertility, or death. In children, it does a slew of other things as well.

So I have a thing in my head. I started to have hormone issues, though I didn’t know why, when I was 23 or so. I went to a great many doctors who had no clue as to why my period stopped. At the age of 25 I went to a general practitioner at a clinic who listened to my symptoms and ordered an MRI. I have had 6 since. He was correct in his assumption, that I did indeed have a pituitary tumor of some sort.

So my “Symptoms” (I guess is the best word…) are: excessive cortisol production, excessive prolactin production, weight gain, thyroid inflammation, fertility issues, headaches, raised blood pressure and general suckiness. So think of being pregnant for 3 plus years without the baby… all the mood swings, hunger, exhaustion minus a baby.

I take a pill called Cabergoline that combats the prolactin and cortisol production. I almost feel normal on this pill. The rest of the side effects ended up being a delightful bonus. Cabergoline has been known to cause increased fertility. Which is why I have a bouncing baby boy.

My tumor otherwise is 9mm (the size of your pinky nail) and pretty okay overall. I get massive headaches, but so do people who suffer from migraines.

The blessing in all of this is, I was infertile and because of the pill and God, I had my beautiful boy. There were risks all to do with the tumor growing during pregnancy (pregnancy hormones make babies and tumors grow… Who knew?) and possible death. However my tumor is small and I was responding to treatment so, I got the go ahead from my endocrinologist. The doubling and tripling in size were not as statistically grim for me.

As long as I take my pills and I keep being monitored by an endocrinologist, I am fine. During my pregnancy I was off my medications (because you want to be fat and producing prolactin when pregnant) and because I came through my pregnancy so well, I get to stay off my medications and put off my next MRI (so that I may breastfeed my son longer). Most women with my tumor chose not to risk it and do not breastfeed.

So that’s basically my biggest issue, health wise. If you had to had a tumor in your brain, no getting out of it, you would probably pick to have one like mine. It’s slow-growing and non cancerous. Also as far as they know it’s not hereditary.

I also know I sound so… Blasé about it, and that drives people crazy. It’s just… For me, if I think too hard about it, dwell too long… It’s too much. My life, I had an unfortunate childhood filled with different types of abuse, bullying, and depression, then I go find happiness for the first time in my life and… This. It could make you very sad indeed. It’s best not to dwell.

I choose to suck it up buttercup! Go out there and live my life and kick booty. So I choose cheerfulness, I choose to be positive. Most of the time. I am Human and sometimes I get down but, I like to think I do a good job of keeping all of that at bay.

Anyway, that’s health issue #2 for me, I write about my other issue soon. It’s a very rare condition (oooooooo!! Lol) and you probably have never heard if it. That’s for another day, however!



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