Dragon Scales


They look like the thickest, driest scales ever on a human body, and they smell very unpleasant.

No I am not talking about your uncle Jims feet, I am talking about cradle cap. Many mothers don’t have to deal with it, their baby pops out as bald as an egg. They can moisturize their baby’s whole head if they need too, and their babies never see a scale (typically).

I didn’t think I would have to deal with cradle cap but CDubs was born with a thick head of hair. Even after that initial hair fallout after birth, this baby still had the puffiest, fluffiest hair!

I started to notice in his 8th or 9th week that CDubs smelled odd. I washed him every night, put nice smelling baby lotion on his skin, and changed his diapers and clothing often. What could it be? Much to CDub’s delight, I started to sniff around him, I am sure I looked quite funny, and I kept coming back to his hair.

“He must have spit up on himself in the crib, and dried before I woke up. I’ll just make sure to wash that area very well tonight.”

I then paid extra attention to his hair. It seemed to get worse though, his head got funkier and little flakes appeared.

My husband was confused and hit the world of Google. He found a site that told him to wash CDub’s hair everyday. We had been washing it every other day. So we did.

The scales grew in size and covered a good 85% of his head. CDubs started to scratch his scalp while he was nursing.

What in the world?! The internet said mayonnaise, or a cold rinse, or expensive salves (which smelled very good so, I guess at least the smell would go away…).

Finally, CDubs had his 2 month appointment. This Doctor that saw CDubs, she was something else! She was fast talking, high pitched, and action packed! She talked a mile a minute, but I learned something very valuable.

  1.  Cradle Cap happens especially to babies with a head full of hair.
  2. Cradle Cap happens to clean, well taken cared of babies. A baby having Cradle Cap isn’t an indicator you are doing something wrong.
  3. Yes, it really does smell even if you wash it a lot.

Then she told me a very simple cure. No salves, no extra washings.

olive oil

Yes, regular olive oil, or Coconut oil, grape seed oil… Oil is your friend!!!

All you do is, a couple minutes before bath time brush out your baby’s hair and scalp gently but thoroughly. Make sure you use a soft bristle brush, that’s what’s best for loosening the scales.(and it won’t hurt baby either!)

Once brushed, lather on that olive oil!
Get it really worked into his scalp. Let the olive oil rest on his head for a bit, and then wash it out in the bath. It may take a wash rinse repeat to get the oil out if his or her hair.

You do this a couple times a week, making sure to loosen the scales each time, apply oil and work it in. Once you have removed all the scales, wash your baby’s hair with moisture in mind. Wash enough to keep them clean, but no so much the scalp dries out. This of course will differ per child. The scales may return until you get it right.

But you will get it right!


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