I do Enjoy the Rain

I adore rain, I love a good thunderstorm too. However, rainy sayings that apply to my life such as the apt “it never rains but it pours.” Then I dislike rain intently.

I am rarely religious in public, may people have… Questioned my authenticity, I suppose.

With all the challenges my life brings, I feel I meet them head on, full throttle. God doesn’t give us ANYTHING we can’t handle. Not anything. That is one of my tip top beliefs.

I am just putting our entire lives in His hands. I give it up to Him. There is nothing else I can do, more trust I can show than that.

It’s still hard, and that doesn’t mean I won’t stop trying to make things better. It just means, there is no need to obsess and cause damage to my health.

All things are possible. Belief makes the world work. There is nothing stronger than believing in someone, something, some being.

Without true, belief in something I think a person’s life would be very sad indeed.

  (Original Image from weeknowyourdreams.com)


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