There Are Actually Four Certainties in Life

 Life, death, taxes and… poop.  Lots and lots of Poop.

No seriously, any first time mother (ftm) can tell you, “the baby poops are cute at first but then, after a week or two, the smell starts to come in and, its not cute anymore.” How right they are.  We are blessed with a very hydrated baby, he makes still, at 2 months, 10 to 15 diapers a day.  Its good because he is hydrated but it is bad on diaper costs.

This is why we did a little research.  I am apart of a online group BabyBump (BB) (or Kidfolio (KF) now, because I have a baby) where ladies and gentlemen can talk about anything in relation to reproduction, within reason (no porn allowed, though, the topic of why porn is necessary or unnecessary is a hot topic daily in the forums.). People from all walks and talks discuss all sorts of things.  One day, before our son, Connor, was born a mother posted about diapers.  She posted a similar graphic:

stats on disposables versus cloth


I understand this may or may not be 100% accurate but if I did my own calculations. Connor on average, as I said, does 12 diapers a day, that times 7 days is 84 diapers a week .  Eighty-four diaper a week, for a month, is 336 diapers a month.  I am not out to save the world, though that is a lovely thing to do.  I am thinking about money.  How I don’t have any money.  As I have stated in my bio, I am a teacher. We make very little. If the graphic was even remotely true, we would be in the negative every month and possibly eating less as well.  So I did what any media driven, 20something would do, I researched.  Luckily, I had a start.   The same mother was apart of a cloth diapering group on BB. I went to investigate.

If you are interested, here is the link:

After reading this prodigious post, I thought about the idea, 24 diapers total for 2 years.  Just 24.  I’d have to touch poop but, what parent would not have to touch poop?  With disposables, babies still poop in these diapers and poop escapes on to them, their clothing, and so much more (I have seen the the online poop painting pictures, I fear for the future).  Poop is a liquid and a sold after all… I would have to wash them everyday (for my own personal preference) but, I needed to do laundry more actually.  So, I decided to do more research!  The post lead me to a series of YouTube videos on the subject by NaturallyThriftyMom: (this is video 1 of her Cloth Diapering Series)

It actually seemed doable.  I could do laundry every day, I could buy special detergent, I could wash my diapers to death! We decided to go with pocket diapers, diapers with a waterproof shell, fleece or microfiber inside and a pocket to put absorbent liners in (ours are microfiber but you can do hemp, bamboo, and many other absorbent types.).  These diapers also feature a series of snaps that allow you to adjust the fit as the child grows.  We purchased Classic Rock Rockin Green Detergent, and we decided if we were washing diapers, we could wash wipes too.  So we got some of those as well.  I mean, why not?  We woul have to keep up a diaper pail with a liner (honestly, it doesn’t smell).  As long as air hits the diapers in  the pail, you can’t tell they are there.  So all of those basic things were doable.

So it began.  We found Kawaii Pocket Diapers ( to be the cheapest, $7.99 a pop and they were having a sale, 24 for $130.  We purchased those.  We found very cute cloth wipe set on etsy and we learned to make our own wipes solution (water, coconut oil, essential oil). We bought non petroleum based or Zinc based diaper creams and found they smelled way better than the chemical ones (petroleum creams mess up the cloth).

My husband loves the diapers, he even doesn’t mind rinsing poop.  He loves we are saving money and the designs are cool:

kawaii overnight heavy wetter diaperkawaii diaper
kawaii overnight heavy wetter diaperkawaii diaper

I love the savings and I love that my Son loves them.  Yes, I can tell my 2 month old likes his diapers.  For about a month, we had to do disposable.  The hospital does not allow cloth on the premises because of  health and biohazard regulations; and we made some other choices that made it so we couldn’t use cloth right away.  My son peed through Luvs and Huggies.  Pampers were actually okay but, he still didn’t seem comfortable in them.  We switched to the cloth once we were medically able, he never leaks, and he smiles and laughs when I change him.  He giggles when he gets a fresh one put on his tush.  We went back to disposable for one day (laundry got away from me and I was so, so tired) and every time I changed his diaper he cried and screamed.
That microfiber must feel very nice on the tush.


my son and his cute diaper!

In the end, we are very happy with our decision.  Our son seems happy with the decision. My wallet is happy with my decision!  Heck even my washer seems to be fine with it!

So yes, life guarantees we will have to deal with a lot of poop, but at least we can be economical, environmentally good, and comfortable while doing so!



Disclaimer:  I think disposable diapers are fine, they just aren’t for us.  I have nothing against, Huggies, Luvs, or Pampers they just were not for us either.

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